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Create a wish

To make a wish, simply let us know what you’d like to happen in hospitals and community healthcare sites around the region.

We’d love to here your ideas, and stories that explain why you want something to change. Even the smallest wishes make a big difference to the work we do and the help we give, so don’t be shy... create a wish!


Is there a clear and measurable patient benefit? If so let us know!

Is this something that the NHS or the Trust should be providing for patients or staff? If it is, then we’re sorry this wish isn’t something Health Tree would fund unless we have a specific donation.  Please speak to your line manager or if your request is for staff items such as fridges and microwaves, contact STAFF LOTTERY via the NLAG Hub 

Would you put £1.00 into a collecting tin and be happy telling people that their donation has been spent on this wish?  If so go for it!, let us know how we can help you support our patients

If your idea meets the above checks, please submit you wish below.


It’s easy. Just send an email to and we’ll do our best to make a big difference to the people you want to help!  

  1. What is your wish?
  2. Where can we make it happen? - Please state Hospital/Ward
  3. Why is this so important to you?
  4. Who will benefit if your wish comes true?

Please submit all wishes to our team email address at:


Please note: 

The Health Tree Foundation is closing its Circle of Wishes in December, due to high volumes of wishes in 2023

Any wishes submitted during this time won’t be actioned until January 2024. However, the team will still be processing existing wishes during the month.

Thank you for your understanding.