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Leave a Legacy

A legacy - something you leave to somebody in your will - is a wonderful way to leave behind a lasting gift.

You might have some savings put aside that would make a difference to our work, or you may want to consider asking friends and relatives to make a donation to the Health Tree Foundation instead of sending floral tributes.

It’s not nice to think too much about what happens when we’re gone, but it is comforting to know that choices you make now could make a really big difference for years to come after you’re gone. You could ensure that those who need it most get the care and comfort they need, so please think about how you can help.

Our Charity Manager, Victoria Winterton, will be happy to speak with you about how leaving a gift in your will might help local hospitals, and have a huge impact on local lives. She’ll also arrange a free consultation with one of our supporting solicitors. Together, we’ll guide you through the benefits of leaving a ‘bequest’ donation to The Health Tree Foundation – before helping you put one in place if you choose to do so.

With all the information you’ll need, we can cut through the legal jargon and answer your questions openly to ease any fears you might have.  Call or email Victoria today to find out more about leaving an amazing legacy.

Telephone: 03033 304514

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