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The Trust is building a purpose built MRI unit to house two new MRI scanners. AS part of the project it is felt it would be beneficial to patients who tend to be extremely nervous and claustrophobic if one of the scanners could be installed with a patient ambient experience. This experience includes various colour lighting of the MRI scanner room which can be changed to the patients requirements. Also as part of the experience there is a patient screen and in bore experience which allows the patient to view a screen on the end wall of the MRI scanner with pictures and also a count down on how long their examination is going to last. This experience reduces patient anxiety and improves comfort within the MRI scanner.

MRI, one of the most common imaging exams, presents a challenge for many patients. The unique Ambient Experience in-bore takes this experience to another level by providing information and guidance to the patient during scanning as well as information about scan progress. This experience should result in a reduction in abandoned scans due to claustrophobia and therefore less patients requiring sedation or general anesthetic due to claustrophobia. 



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